Today at work, I had an older, black woman sit down in my section, so I walked over with a smile to greet her. She quickly cut off my introduction, saying, “I don’t need anything,” very rudely. I responded with, “Ok, ma’am, just let me know if you change your mind,” smiled and walked away. A little while later, I noticed that her glad was nearly empty, so, I asked her if she would like me to bring her a refill. She responded with another rude, “I don’t want anything.” Not two minutes later as I was walking by I overheard her asking a server for a refill. Later, I noticed an empty plate, which she was clearly finished with, pushed to the edge of the table. As I was walking by to pick it up, she snatched it and stared at me until I walked away.
     At this point, I am beyond frustrated. I have done nothing but smile and be polite to this woman, and she is treating me like I am the scum of the Earth. On top of all of the previous events, one of the servers came to me and said that she was wanting a cup of coffee, so I went and poured her a nice, fresh cup, but when I sat it down at her table she yelled, “I DON’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU!!” Almost in tears, I picked up the coffee and walked away. A young, black girl finished serving her the rest of her meal with no problems. That server was even nice enough to offer me her tip, which I politely refused.
     As the woman was passing by me on her way out of the store, I plastered on my biggest smile and said, “Have a great night ma’am, and stay warm out there!!” She didn’t even acknowledge me. I just want to raise awareness of the fact that racism between blacks/whites in our country is still a very real issue, and it can go both ways.


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