The other day I was watching Ellen, and Jenna Fisher (Pam, from The Office) was on the show getting interviewed. When she was speaking with Ellen, she made a few comments about parenting that just hit the nail on the head.
     First, when asked how she felt about parenting, her response was that it was so incredible as a mother to not only watch your child grow and learn, but to facilitate that growth. I could not have put it better myself. When I think of all the progress my son has made in the past year with potty training, learning his ABC’s and learning his numbers up to 20, among many other things, I thought how much better it was that my fiance and I were there making it happen.


my sweet baby 🙂

     Another thing she said was that being a mom has made her realize how strong she really is. As mothers, we have to get through the day with little to no sleep sometimes, manage a family, pay the bills, work, finish school and maintain a successful relationship. We are expected to do all of this gracefully and with a smile on our face, which I never thought I could do, but learned how to quickly. Sometimes, things get a little overwhelming, but all of the negative feelings vanish when I see a smile on my little man’s face.



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