the profound underground.

I am a lover of music in all it’s forms, but I am most closely involved with hip-hop music, as my fiance is a hip-hop artist. I have attended a lot of shows with a lot of different artists in a lot of different cities, and I have noticed that some of the nicest performances I have ever seen have come from underground artists. there is real talent out there, stifled by the fact that they weren’t born into money or their position, or that they don’t have access to the right people. it is such a shame.

to me a great rap/hip-hop song has a nice beat, good flow and NICE wordplay. the hook should be clever but catchy, and not something repetitive or something we’ve heard a hundred times. I love when someone sings the hook and then the verses are rapped. I think that makes for a really nice contrast, and would keep people interested in listening.

successfully writing thought-provoking lyrics is not an easy task and can take hours to perfect, but I firmly believe it is necessary if you’re going to be successful in the rap game today. of course, everyone knows that tunechi says some of the best one liners, but what about artists like wale or meek millz who can make a story of a song, and fill it with metaphors and similes that you may not even catch until the fourth or fifth time you hear it. there are some songs on meek millz’s dreamchasers 2 mixtape that I STILL hear new hot lines on, and that mixtape played in my car constantly for about three months. wale has some of the smoothest beats and nicest hooks. he has such a unique way with words that is so under-appreciated.

of all the shows I’ve been to there are artists who can spit, but don’t say anything worth hearing. some have some really nice lyrics, but can’t deliver the message. then you’ll see some who have flow and can spit, but get nervous on stage, and some who put on a great performance, but only because the music is so loud that you can’t really understand or hear them for that matter. there is one or two performances though, that have stuck out in my mind. they have the total package, and I only hope that someone recognizes their talent and helps to showcase some of the incredible talent stuck underground.



     The other day I was watching Ellen, and Jenna Fisher (Pam, from The Office) was on the show getting interviewed. When she was speaking with Ellen, she made a few comments about parenting that just hit the nail on the head.
     First, when asked how she felt about parenting, her response was that it was so incredible as a mother to not only watch your child grow and learn, but to facilitate that growth. I could not have put it better myself. When I think of all the progress my son has made in the past year with potty training, learning his ABC’s and learning his numbers up to 20, among many other things, I thought how much better it was that my fiance and I were there making it happen.


my sweet baby 🙂

     Another thing she said was that being a mom has made her realize how strong she really is. As mothers, we have to get through the day with little to no sleep sometimes, manage a family, pay the bills, work, finish school and maintain a successful relationship. We are expected to do all of this gracefully and with a smile on our face, which I never thought I could do, but learned how to quickly. Sometimes, things get a little overwhelming, but all of the negative feelings vanish when I see a smile on my little man’s face.



     Today at work, I had an older, black woman sit down in my section, so I walked over with a smile to greet her. She quickly cut off my introduction, saying, “I don’t need anything,” very rudely. I responded with, “Ok, ma’am, just let me know if you change your mind,” smiled and walked away. A little while later, I noticed that her glad was nearly empty, so, I asked her if she would like me to bring her a refill. She responded with another rude, “I don’t want anything.” Not two minutes later as I was walking by I overheard her asking a server for a refill. Later, I noticed an empty plate, which she was clearly finished with, pushed to the edge of the table. As I was walking by to pick it up, she snatched it and stared at me until I walked away.
     At this point, I am beyond frustrated. I have done nothing but smile and be polite to this woman, and she is treating me like I am the scum of the Earth. On top of all of the previous events, one of the servers came to me and said that she was wanting a cup of coffee, so I went and poured her a nice, fresh cup, but when I sat it down at her table she yelled, “I DON’T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU!!” Almost in tears, I picked up the coffee and walked away. A young, black girl finished serving her the rest of her meal with no problems. That server was even nice enough to offer me her tip, which I politely refused.
     As the woman was passing by me on her way out of the store, I plastered on my biggest smile and said, “Have a great night ma’am, and stay warm out there!!” She didn’t even acknowledge me. I just want to raise awareness of the fact that racism between blacks/whites in our country is still a very real issue, and it can go both ways.